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John Pinto - lasik consultants, lasik consulting, lasik management consultants, lasik management consulting, lasik practice consultants, lasik practice consulting, ophthalmic practice consultants "J. Pinto & Associates is a healthcare management consulting firm founded in 1979. Since then, the firm has served the strategic business planning, operations and marketing interests of pharmaceutical companies, basic science centers, university departments, hospitals, multi- specialty clinics and single specialty facilities. For the last 15 years, more than 95% of all services have been to ophthalmic practices ranging from modest solo ophthalmology practices, to higher-volume LASIK and cataract market leaders and teaching centers. Through long-term relationships and an emphasis on developing physician and administrator management skills, I take pride in turning around faltering ophthalmology practices and in helping ambitious refractive and cataract surgeons build practices of distinction. Our work together results in greater strategic confidence, better tactics, better operational controls and faster implementation.
In synch with current trends, an important part of my work today involves merger-consolidation, either by helping surgeons build regional delivery systems through physician-optometrist links, or in helping practices whose merger efforts have gone poorly."
J. Pinto & Associates, Inc.
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