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Ophthalmic Practice Consulting
Practice Turnaround Consulting

It was once relatively easy to have a financially prosperous ophthalmology practice...or at least an ophthalmic practice that provided a fair living wage for its owners. But today, an increasing number of ophthalmology practices are finding it difficult to hang on, much less grow, each year.

There can be many causes for an ophthalmology practice to falter: One or two poor management decisions, excess debt, a remarkably aggressive competitor, lack of access to capital, loss of a critical provider or manager, embezzlement, loss of license or privileges, or simply adverse local economic conditions.

Whatever the cause, "turnaround consulting" by an experienced ophthalmic consultant such as John Pinto can potentially restore the viability of your practice, putting you back in control. Such ophthalmology practice consulting work is generally provided on site, but much can be done off-site to spare costs. A courtesy fee schedule can be arranged for ophthalmology practices in true need.
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