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Provider Dispute Mediation for Ophthalmology Practices
Provider Dispute Mediation

The most fortunate group ophthalmology practices have doctors who respect each other, resolve conflicts quickly, and don't hold grudges. Such practices are in a small minority.

Provider Dispute Mediation for Ophthalmic Practices

More often, even otherwise successful ophthalmic practices could be used as the basis for a novel or screenplay, with pouting associates, screamers and worse. In these more common settings, so long as the economics are favorable, everything works well enough to avoid a blowup. But in today's fee-sparing world, with more competitor encroachment, less profit, and higher stakes, full-blown doctor disputes are more common than ever.

Whether your ophthalmology practice's lack of harmony is still bottled up or full-blown, we can help, with a calm, rational evaluation of the underlying and secondary issues, and an energetic, unrelenting, absolutely neutral pursuit of fairness for each impacted party.

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