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J. Pinto and Associates Publications are available as Microsoft Word download files.

John Pinto is the country's most-published author on the subject of ophthalmic practice management. Below is a small sample of recent articles. His numerous books are available from ASCRS/ASOA.

All articles are the property of J. Pinto and associates and cannot be altered or republished without author permission.

Opthalmology Practice Consulting, Marketing and Strategic Planning

Frugal Innovation White Paper

The 'Twin Bridges Protocol': A Proposed Methodology to Measure and Help Improve Cataract Surgeon Skill

The $10 Million Club: Solving Problems on the Way to Becoming a Much Larger Practice

Rootless, Under-Employed Doctors Expected to Emerge With More Frequency as Ophthalmology's Economic Challenges Continue

Just a Few Small Problems? Plan a Practice 'Make-Over'

Eight Rules for Getting Along With Your Practice Partner

Develop a Simple, Pragmatic Strategic Plan For Your Practice in Five Easy Steps

Pinto's Practice Development Doctrine. Five Easy Rules to Help You Stay Out of Trouble as You Grow

Three Growth and Profit Strategies for the Next Five Years

Practice Cash Flow Comes From the Value We Bring to Our Patient Relationships

Making a Smooth Transition From Solo to Group-Practice

Planning and Planting Your Practice Garden

Avoiding The Dangers of Practice Growth

Cures for Doctor Burnout

Grooming Your Practice For a Sale

How to Jumpstart a Declining Practice

Indexing Promotional Expenses to Growth Goals
Are You Spending Too Much or Too Little on Marketing?

Is American Ophthalmology at a Turning Point?
A checklist of hedging actions you can take if you think the music is about to stop.

Is It Time to Tune-Up Your Office Manager or Administrator?

Is Your Practice Large Enough? Defining and Sustaining Practice Growth Goals.

Is Your Practice Overstaffed?

Managing Employee Optometrists in Your Practice

Measuring and Monitoring the Surgical Density of Your Practice

The Ophthalmic Personality

Optical Performance Guidelines, Indices and Pearls

Questions That Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Refractive Surgery Practice Pearls for 2000 and Beyond

Scoring Your Practice: How Does the Quality of Your Life Count?

Setting Lasik Fees: A Rational Approach

Small is Beautiful.Rethinking the Size of Your Practice

Solving the Toughest Business Problems Ophthalmologists Will face in the Next 20 Years

Successful Strategies For Hiring and Managing Subspecialists

Surgeons and Managers: Partnering for Practice Growth

Ten Simple Rules For a Successful Practice

The Cash Flow Benefits of Continuous, Quality Care

The Economics of Formal Procedures and Cross-Coverage

What Does Your Associate Doctor Really Want?

What Office Facilities Do You Really Need.What Can Your Practice Afford?

Worried About a Light Appointment Book?
Longer-Term Forecasting With Clinic and Surgery Booking Trends

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