Optometric Co-Management Programs

No matter what your feelings are about the appropriateness of physicians and optometrists sharing patient care, the highest-volume cataract and refractive surgeons in a majority of markets are now those who actively co-manage patient care with optometrists.

If you are contemplating co-management for the first time, or would like to expand this sector of your practice, we can help with community evaluation, selection of the most suitable practices to approach, and coaching as each new relationship is fostered.

We can groom your practice to be more OD friendly, either as a small niche of your marketing activities, or as the centerpiece of your practice's positioning strategy.

If "fight-'em" is more in line with your philosophies than "join-'em," we can advise you on how to compete effectively with a practice that seems to have all of the optometry relationships locked up in your market.